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A society that does not have an optimistic, positive, empowering image of the future is endangered.
When society is skewed so that a small minority controls most of its resources and power, it begins an entropic spiral to dissolution.
Social innovators can use their skills to rebalance society.(And remember, anyone with the will can be a social innovator).

Social innovators are change agents that improve society by developing effective and equitable new models to help bring society more into balance regarding the economy, the environment, and social justice. Social entrepreneurs take the innovation a step further by developing ventures that successfully implement the change model. These ventures are often less hierarchical yet more cooperative and complex than existing models. The overall goals of social innovators are sustainability, i.e, living within planetary capacities in an equitable manner, and resilience, the ability (literally) to weather the storms of climate change and economic and political unrest. In general social innovators come up with new and more effective ways (systemically, organizationally, financially etc.) of dealing with and hopefully mitigating social problems. I break down social entrepreneurship into three categories: social or community focused enterprise, community focused design/engineering, and community focused leadership. It must be said that there is considerable overlap between them.

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About Us

SOCIAL PROFITS are achieved through Social Entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is an approach that financially sustains and fortifies the individuals and organizations that support social values, while assisting traditionally disenfranchised, marginalized, or economically disadvantaged communities.

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A billion customers in the world are waiting for a $2 pair of eyeglasses, a $10 solar lantern and a $100 house.
Dr. Paul Polak, Founder, IDE
If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
J.R.R. Tolkien
The future participates actively in the present, providing part of the context within which today’s decisions are made.
Fred L. Polak
The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds
Mark Twain

Future Visions

100 years beyond civilization

People will still be living here in 100 years-if we start living in a new way soon.

Otherwise, not.

But how would we get there, and what would it look like? Utopians can’t let go of the ideal of sweeter, gentler, more loving people taking over. I prefer to look at what worked for millions of years for people as they are. Sainthood was not required.

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My Story

As a baby boomer born in the northeast U.S., I was taught that history had ended. Our teachers in elementary school taught us that the United States was the greatest nation that ever existed. We were the richest nation, we were the smartest nation, we were the most powerful nation, we were the most moral nation, and every other nation in the world deferred to our leadership. (Except of course for the communists)

There would never be a reason for change, because in factwe had reached utopia. Reaching utopia had been a dramatic story. As a nation we’d gone through the winter in Valley Forge, the Civil War to free the slaves, the Great Depression where all our relatives had become poor, the attack on Pearl Harbor by the dastardly fascists, the middle class revival after the war, and now a state of permanent prosperity and contentment. (Albeit somewhat marred by the presence of the misguided red Russians and Chinese)

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