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Case 1: Organizational Sustainability/Rehabilitating Offenders

Pioneer Human Services

Social Enterprise

As a national model of social enterprise, Pioneer Human Services combines the passionate pursuit of its social mission with the discipline and innovation of a for-profit business. Revenues are earned through the manufacture, distribution, and sale of products and through fees for services. Less than one percent of the annual budget is derived from donations, contributions, or grants.

Enterprises include retail caf├ęs, institutional food, sheet metal fabrication, aerospace precision machining, wholesale food distribution and contract packaging and fulfillment. These are in addition to the other services offered, such as counseling, chemical dependency treatment, community corrections, housing and consulting.

Work Skills Training Programs

The mission of Pioneer Human Resource Development is to expand and deliver services to enhance a trainee or employee’s marketable job skills and work performance. By providing on-the-job and state- of-the-art technical training, the individual is encouraged to become a self-supporting, positive resource for the community and to achieve successful and rewarding employment. Individuals referred from many different community programs attend the training. Human Resource Development is a full training service. Moreover, Pioneer offers employment related technical training, training in professional development, management, supervision, and safety. Additionally, Pioneer provides resources in coaching, needs assessment, performance improvement, program development, and instructional design.

Jump Start, Basic Measuring tools, Basic Blueprint, Boeing Blueprint, and a series of Soft Skills designed to enhance work ethic, communication and personal development.

Food Services
Employees receive state food worker permit training, and participates in a structured, competency-based On-the-Job program. This program is based upon the National Restaurant Association’s “ServSafe” program. ServSafe is the food service industry “best practices” standard for food safety and sanitation.

Distribution Services
Classes include comprehensive training in packaging and warehousing. Subjects include Math, Communication, and Forklift Driver Certification. English as a Second Language (ESL) is taught on site.

Community Reentry

Serving over 5000 clients a year in its correctional programs, Pioneer Human Services operates thirteen community corrections and residential reentry programs under the Community Corrections Group.

Two federal residential reentry centers are provided at Pioneer Fellowship House in Seattle and the Tacoma Residential Reentry Center. These Programs serve adult federal offenders referred by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Probation and U.S. Pre-trial Court Services.

Six state work release facilities serve formerly incarcerated adults referred by the Washington State Department of Corrections. Two facilities serve female offenders. The state’s largest male work release facility is Reynolds Work Release in Seattle, followed closely by Brownstone Work Release in Spokane and Bishop Lewis House in Seattle. Pioneer also operates a male work release organized as a therapeutic community for chemically addicted offenders at Madison Inn Work Release in Seattle. Three of these programs also serve residents referred from King and Spokane Counties.

The Community Corrections Group also manages four juvenile programs, including the Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp in Connell, Touchstone Group Home in Olympia that serves youth transitioning to the community from juvenile institutions, Selma R. Carson Home for youth without documentation to be in the U.S., and the newest program, New Bridge, located in Olympia, serving behaviorally troubled youth.

Pioneer’s On-call Program provides intermittent staffing services to our Puget Sound programs, while providing unemployed persons with training and an opportunity to pursue a career in corrections.

Counseling & Residential Treatment

Pioneer Behavioral Health Services Group provides a variety of specialized outpatient and residential treatment services throughout Washington. We have a long history of offering our mental health/chemical dependency counseling and support services to adults, youth and families. In keeping with the organization’s philosophy of service integration, clients receiving behavioral health services are encouraged to take advantage of Pioneer housing and work opportunities whenever possible.

Our mental health services for adults/couples include:

* Outpatient services in Seattle and Pierce Counties

Our chemical dependency services for adults include:

* Outpatient/intensive outpatient services in King and Pierce counties.
* Involuntary Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment in Eastern and Western Washington

Support Services Include:

* School-Based counseling and school support services, and Mentor matching services in Seattle School District.
* King County Secure Crisis Residential Center for Runaway/At-Risk Youth in Seattle.