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Educating Worldshapers 7

Social Reconstructionism

A Philosophy of Education that applies the scientific method to defining and solving social problems through interdisciplinary, experiential studies. Social Reconstructionism is an educational philosophy compatible with social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social innovation.

Social Reconstructionism

Individuals are born with certain capacities determined by genetics but primarily evolve and are determined through their experiences.
Reality is determined through cultural contexts and concepts of reality are based on personal interaction with humans and the environment and vary by group, geography, and historical time frame (cultural relativism).

Learning is organized around group centered discussion and problem solving around critical societal issues. Reconstructionists contend that traditional schooling is based on the past to the neglect of the future.  If people are to control their own destinies, it is important that schools include futuristic studies in the curriculum

Instruction is multi-disciplinary. Instruction connects subjects such as economics, anthropology, and, history, political science and psychology. Instruction emphasizes the role of collective action as much or more than the role of individualism. Instruction emphasizes scientific method as critical to identifying and solving problems.

Reconstructionists believe ideological neutrality is impossible and the goal of education is to learn about, define and solve societal problems. The approach is to help bring about social change and create a more just society through class room discussion and interdisciplinary studies tieing together general education, specialized education and experiential education.

Social reconstructionism highlights classroom discussion of subjects relating to critical social, political, and economic issues and integrates those studies with service learning, and student initiated community projects.

The goal of social reconstructionism is a society in which people plan their own future; a society that is primarily future rather than past oriented and values equity, ethical behavior, and social justice.