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Ashoka U

Ashoka Changemaker Campuses

Ashoka U is a program of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public.

Since 2005, Ashoka U has been at the forefront of the academic field of social entrepreneurship, launching the first-ever comprehensive association of faculty and institutions working to advance the field around the world.

With more than 2,500 examples of leading social entrepreneurs and an unparalleled knowledge of innovative best practices in social entrepreneurship education, Ashoka U is in the unique position to share both examples of systems-changing solutions and extensive experience with nurturing social entrepreneurs.

Our Ashoka U Elements of Excellence provides a road map for universities that seek to create best-in-class social entrepreneurship programs that blend theory and practice.

Ashoka U supports universities in reaching excellence in social entrepreneurship education:

Ashoka U Changemaker Campus Initiative:  The flagship program of Ashoka U, the Changemaker Campus Initiative accelerates social entrepreneurship education programs, surfaces best practices and encourages new innovations for the field.  These Changemaker Campuses are on the leading edge of the social entrepreneurship education movement.

Ashoka U Social Entrepreneur in Residence Program: We partner with a select group of Ashoka Fellows to bring experienced social entrepreneurs to campus to serve as role models and mentors for students, faculty and administrators. Our Ashoka Fellows bring practice right onto campus and into the classroom.

Ashoka U Network:  Our network brings together students, faculty, staff, practitioners, and business, non-profit, and philanthropic leaders to advance the field of social entrepreneurship education. Join us!

Partner Campuses

The Changemaker Campus Consortium is a group of select universities and colleges that are committed to setting the global standard for excellence in social entrepreneurship education.  At the same time, the Changemaker Campuses are creating innovations in social entrepreneurship education and research that advance the field.

Selected through a competitive application process, each Changemaker Campus has made a compelling case for moving their university towards becoming a hub of social innovation and an environment that enables everyone to become a changemaker. These campuses seek to lead the field in high quality, innovative social entrepreneurship education, and to serve as a role model of excellence for other institutions.

Ashoka U serves as an accelerator, thought partner and convener to help the Changemaker Campuses to reach the vision for their individual university or college,  and to help the Changemaker Consortium advance the social entrepreneurship education movement.